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Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro Everything you need to know

Google Pixel 7 ultra a mega surprising news today as Google may be looking to bring the greatest value challenge to not only the galaxy s22  series but also the galaxy fold 4 the pixel 7 series may not be what Google wants us to think officially announced a few months ago where they showcased the Pixel 7 and the 7 Pro but there could be more stuff coming in that has been kept under the wraps as a big wonder for the October pixel event according to this bombshell.

News coming from digital chat stations from China it seems like Google has 2 major pixel devices in work with a company called Foxconn one of these. Devices are dubbed pixel 7 ultra and the other one is the pixel 7 notepad aka the pixel foldable phone.

 Let's talk about pixel 7 ultra first what exactly is the new pixel device out of the blue according to the source this particular pixel device is rocking a ceramic build quality which has higher premiums and durability than the standard gloss back. 

it's also rocking a New IMX 787 sensor as it's a telephoto lens which is a much better sensor with a 64 MP than Samsung GW1 48 MP sensor that is going to be on the original pixel 7 Pro as the telephoto lens all this information was actually conformed by Google's own software code meaning this device with the IMX 787 sensor does exist currently as a prototype whether we see this pixel 7 Ultra at the event it's up for debate but this device does exist the main lens on the ultra is same as the pixel 7 pro which is the isocell gen 1 sensor now as for the second device. It's the Google pixel notepad aka the pixel foldable phone.

It's said to rock a 5.85-inch OLED display as it's an outer screen which is a very similar set up as the oppo find In fold giving you a widescreen smartphone like compact display and of course a tablet experience when u unfold the device but unlike oppo, with Google, we can expect third-party apps to work much better on the pixel notepad with complete optimization right from the get-go and as usual, 

once again the pixel software code further confirmed the existence of the pixel notepad Google is Reportedly using the same camera setup as the pixel 6A so it's not going to get the latest camera from the pixel 7 series but it will get the latest tensor 2 chip it seems like Google is indeed working on some crazy secret stuff that we don't know and it might come out at 6 October official pixel event Google could be looking to beat Samsung and Apple when it comes to its pricing the Pixel 7 and the 7 Pro are rumored to cost the same as the last year 6 and 6 Pro at $599 and $899.

Leaving the 1000$ price for the ultra model and then perhaps $1300 and $1400 for the pixel notepad for all in all they are bringing a proper challenge to both Samsung and Apple with their wide range of products.

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