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iPhone 14 Series : rumored release date, price, specs and all the latest leaks.

 Apple just made the iPhone 14 event official the most significant evolution is coming to the new controversial design the ridiculous 48-megapixel 8k camera apple A16 Bionic Plus the new purple color is looking hella clean in my too so the official announcement is to the iPhone since the last five years opinion there is so much to look forward happening on September 7th and based on that we could see the pre-orders kicking off on the 9th and then the 16th will be the global release as always apple has teased.

The event in a very interesting manner once again teasing one of the prime features of their iPhone 14 series as you can see it's showing off a galaxy with the tagline far out the night stars and the tagline is clearly indicating the powerful camera system of the iPhone 14 pro series that can capture the far out stars in the night sky by far the series is actually not the design but the cameras that are going to blow everyone away.

It's the biggest sensor that apple has ever used on an iPhone to unlock low-light night performance which will let you capture stars and the sky like never before we could see for the first time a proper astrophotography mode on the iPhone.

As usual all the main features will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 pro series we have seen how good it looks on the pixel devices so I'm super looking forward to how it's going to perform on the iPhone 14 pro series also in the news the iPhone 14 pro series final accurate dummies are seen in the wild this is how the punch hole design will look it's very unique to the iPhone 14 pro lineup.

Now because of this new design there is a slight change to the screenshot yes a leaked iPhone 14 pro screenshot reveals that the status bar icons are placed a bit lower than what we have on the iPhone 13 pro series also the new star color of the whole lineup is going to be the new purple color and it could be much darker than what was initially expected.

 In my opinion it looks dope something different from recent years recently one source went hands-on with the iPhone 14 pro series to reveal perhaps the best thing about the iPhone 14 pro lineup that even Samsung fans appreciate will be the insane battery life according to the source the iPhone 14 pro series could have mind-blowing battery life.

  Apple is looking to add more hours to this already ridiculous battery life of the iPhone 13 pro and the 13 pro max once again apple is going to set a new benchmark when it comes to the flagship battery performance especially with the new A16 efficiency bigger battery and of course the latest iPhone panels from Samsung the source also revealed that the hole punch is a very minor improvement over the notch and people will get used to it pretty quickly once they start using the phone and lastly the 14 Pro Max is going to be the thickest iPhone ever probably the heaviest as well so there we go we are super excited for the official event happening on September 7th.

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