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Galaxy Z Fold 4 : The best Foldable Phone

Samsung has fixed the no 1 reason why we never used a folding phone and that is the camera. The camera on Fold 4 is excellent paired with the snapdragon 8+ gen 1 camera is the images are super crisp and detailed with great dynamic range the 3x zoom was much needed finally a pro setup on a Samsung folding phone that is just as good as the s22 ultra minus the long-range zoom the only downside is that there's no 4k 60 fps video on the ultra wide angle lens apart from that this setup is a proper pro camera experience and much better than last year's galaxy fold 3.

The display is finely comfortable enough to be used without the constant need to open and use the main screen for example when using the cameras always open and use the main screen of the fold 3 but with 4.4" this new screen allows me to use this comfortably the typing experience is much better as well and while it's still not as wide as other traditional phones or other foldable phones it's just enough and you get more of a better one-hand feel as well the next area.

Where the fold 4 has surprised me is the battery life and performance despite having the same battery size as last year the ford 4 has a better battery chip. This chip legit feels like a full generational upgrade over the snapdragon 8 gen 1. Both in my testing and lover of text using the battery has lasted a full day with now averaging 5 to 6 hours of screen on time thanks to the learning usage pattern while giving excellent standby time again despite having the same battery size it's so much improved compared to the 4.3 but what's not improved is the charging speed which is still going to take about 1 hour 23 minutes to fully charge these were some of the most stand out and the areas that were most improved compared to the previous folds.

The other stuff that I love is still awesome the main 7.6-inch screen with the under-display camera is an amazing clear full-screen experience for media multitasking and just using apps, in general, it's a great experience the software experience is largely similar to the ford 3 with the new main edition.
The taskbar it's a handy new feature that lets you launch recent applications quickly and also put them in split screen mode this is by far the most comfortable phone to use in split screen with all that big screen area you have just like last year's model the speakers and haptics are also on point I love the flex mode features in youtube application and also when using the main camera for selfies is by far my favorite thing to do on this while I love this feature launching this is not my favorite thing at all the selfie button is way too small and placed on the very edge I miss it a couple of times before finally pressing it right Samsung really need to just resize this and place it at a comfortable position.

I like the design it's lighter than before with glossy sides which has made this a bit slippery in usage the hinge well it is even stronger now but the crease is still there i wish samsung made it better regardless of whether it is supposed to make the screen last longer or not it's still not a good look you do get used to serious concern for me personally the it very quickly so it's not a very sandwich look of the folding phone though for me that is more of a thing that I'm still getting used to compared to the crease it's still not a thin device and i really love and miss the thin feel of a traditional smartphone overall I think Samsung has almost perfected this way of folding yes there are still things to improve but in my opinion with the software optimization.
They have the battery improvement, water resistance rating, pro cameras and great performance this might just be the best foldable phone to buy if money is not an issue in my opinion it's a perfect entry in this world of foldables to try out a new experience will fold be here forever possibly not as samsung is screens for the future so this phone trying out more things like the rollable tablet transformation may not need a folding display. But town and its name is galaxy fold 4 that's very soon for me there's a new ultra in something that's not going to happen that again is for the future.